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We invited you to read Balance’s Client Experience Vision! We created this vision to give you a sense of the experience we want every client to have each and every time they visit BMT, and is written from the perspective of a client. Our goal is to paint the picture of who we are and what expectations we want to set, meet, and exceed!

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It’s December 1st, 2017 and I’m so excited for my massage at BMT today. I haven’t had a massage in months because life just got so busy, but I received a “We Miss You” card from BMT a few weeks ago — it reminded me that it’s time to take care of myself again! I called BMT right after the stress of the Thanksgiving weekend. My regular therapist wasn’t available for the date I wanted, but the Front Desk (FD) person asked me about my needs and preferences and matched me with another therapist. Their questions and descriptions gave me the confidence to try someone new for today. With how crazy the holiday was, I almost forgot about this appointment — I’m so grateful the FD always does a confirmation call in advance!


When I walk into BMT out of the cold weather, I’m immediately in a warm place with warm people! There is calm energy and smiling faces all around. I’ve been coming here since 2008, and I love that the FD greets me by name and asks how my Thanksgiving was — it really makes me feel a sense of community here. I’m offered water and the restroom, and the FD person lets me know that my therapist is just finishing up and will be out shortly. Even a trip to the restroom is a treat, because everything is spotlessly clean and I love the attention to detail in the rolled hand towels.


My therapist comes to the waiting room a few minutes early, which I love because I feel I can take the time during the consultation to let them know about my needs. They introduce themselves and shake my hand before leading me back to the room. They’re very attentive and thorough during the consultation, and we work out a plan together for time to spend on trouble areas while still doing a full body massage — and I let them know that de-stressing is a top priority for me! Before my therapist leaves the room, they let me know to start face-down and also tell me the table warmer is already on and there’s an extra blanket on top. I mentioned this to the FD when I checked out after my last massage, so I’m really touched that this information was listened to and kept track of! What a good start!


The massage itself is wonderful — the therapist checks in about pressure and makes sure I’m warm enough. I’m able to ask for adjustments and talk about my muscular issues, but also just zone out and relax! It’s not exactly the same massage that my regular therapist gives, but it’s effective and covers what I’m looking for. The FD did a good job letting me know what to expect and what might be different — I didn’t know how I’d feel about the stretching during the massage, but I really liked it! I’m surprised at how relaxing it was! Now that I’ve tried a few different BMT therapists, I can say that what sets BMT apart from other studios is that they deliver the massage I want — not just the massage they think I need. I really feel listened to at BMT — by both the FD and the therapists!


At the end of the massage, the therapist lets me know some stretches I should do at home to keep my shoulders relaxed, and they tell me that my right shoulder was a lot tighter. They recommend doing some pectoral work in my next session, whether it’s with the same therapist or my regular therapist — and they say they’ll leave this noted so anyone would know for next time. My therapist hands me a cup of water and walks me up to the FD, where they remind me to book for three weeks out to keep up the improvement in my shoulders.


The FD asks how everything went and is very happy for how well it worked out. They ask if I still need to leave a tip — absolutely! — and let me know how many sessions I have left on my account. They already have the schedule open for three weeks from today so they can tell me about appointment availability with both therapists I like. When I mention that I’m going to try to keep up my stretching at home, they tell me about BMT’s stretching videos that I can watch online! That is awesome!


I’m so blissful after this experience that I almost walk outside without my coat on — luckily the FD grabs me just in time. As I head to my car, now bundled up, I see someone in a BMT sweatshirt brushing snow off of everyone’s windshields in the parking lot. Mine’s all clear and ready to go! It’s the perfect send off — thanks BMT, I can’t wait to come back!




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