The Balance Massage Experience

Our top priority and commitment is to meet your expectations for your Balance Massage experience. It is important to work together with your massage therapist to get the best result from each session. We strive to define your wellness objectives and achieve tangible gains such as alleviating muscle pain, reducing stress and tension, increasing range of movement and flexibility, or addressing specific injury related issues.


Here’s what you can expect from your Balance Massage experience:

weve got your back

Expect to find a team in place that can help you no matter if you are looking for massage for relaxation, rehab for an injury or release from stress.




Balance Massage Therapy’s goal is to put a team in place that understands the need to have a variety of massage tools. No two clients are alike. Balance’s team knows how to comb through problem areas during the massage looking for trigger points and working muscle to muscle from superficial to deep.


Expect to be an active participant in your massage and wellness–or a quiet participant in your relaxation.



We recognize you’ve come to Balance Massage Therapy for a reason. Our therapists listen to your needs and address the issue specific to you that day. Adapting to the needs of clients helps make sure the massage session needed is the massage session given. Checking in with clients and focusing on problem areas through the course of one or multiple massage sessions allows the root of the problem to be discovered and plan for a solution to be developed.

Front Desk Team Service

Expect to be given information that will help in between massages.




Balance’s massage therapists know the things to be done at home or work to help in between massage sessions and to further extend the relief given.  Providing stretches and advice allows our clients to make the most of the massage sessions. Balance does not believe in hard sales nor in suggesting massages that are not needed. Balance’s goal is to provide first rate therapeutic massage at a price point that anyone can afford and give our massage clients in Ann Arbor, Dixboro, Ypsilanti, Plymouth, South Lyon and surrounding areas an experience that meets their expectations.

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