New to Massage FAQ's

Balance’s therapists are trained to provide you with the best therapeutic massage possible.


Every person’s needs are different. Our therapists will talk with you before your massage and develop a plan specific for you. Whether you are looking to simply relax or get some specific areas worked out, let your therapist know any needs you may have.


Your time on the table is always in your hands

Key Information

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Pressure can range from light to very deep.  Let your therapist know what pressure of massage you would like.  And at any time during the massage feel free to let them know if you would like it lighter or deeper.  The therapist will be checking in with you, but you can let them know anytime if the pressure is off.





From Swedish to Deep Tissue, our therapists can tailor a massage to meet your needs each time you come in.


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BMT’s therapists will only uncover the part of your body they are working on.  They take great care in making sure your privacy is respected at all times.