Oncology Massage

What is Oncology Massage?
Oncology massage is designed for the specific needs of people who are dealing with the physical and emotional effects of a cancer diagnosis and its treatments.

The main focus of Oncology Massage is to enhance your body’s ability to heal while “doing no harm”, helping at a time when you may be:

  • dealing with a lowered immune system,
  • at risk for developing lymphedema,
  • stressed by radiation or chemotherapy treatment,
  • recovering from surgery.

Enhancing Your Body’s Healing Processes
Oncology Massage Therapy can assist your body and spirit, focusing on restoring you to health. It is so much more than a diversionary feel-good treat or simple relaxation technique. By integrating Western and Eastern modalities of massage in order to address the symptoms of cancer and, as importantly, the effects of modern treatment methods. Oncology Massage Therapy can help you with:

  • nausea or lack of appetite,
  • diarrhea or constipation,
  • insomnia or feeling of exhaustion,
  • low blood counts,
  • localized pain or effects of surgery,
  • side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

In addition, Oncology Massage can also help:

  • boost your immune system,
  • strengthen compromised body organs and systems,
  • build up blood counts,
  • lessen depression, and
  • enhance your feeling of well-being.

Emotional and Spiritual Benefits
Oncology Massage brings a unique focus to the body of a cancer patient — one of nurturing attention. This is a direct contrast from the often painful invasive medical procedures and aggressive treatments that are required to deal with cancer. Oncology Massage offers you an opportunity to experience your body in a positive mode at a time when you may feel overwhelmed by your cancer diagnosis and treatment regimen. It is a chance to bring a powerful, and empowering, additional therapy to your cancer treatment plan. Oncology Massage nurtures, soothes, comforts and subtly heals your body. It allows you to change the focus of your treatment to one of nurturing and healing, providing a sense of empowerment in being able to take control of the direction of your healing process.

“Do No Harm”
Cherry BlossomsOncology Massage respects the limits and sensitivities of your body at a time that it may already be stressed by the disease and the effects of treatments. For instance, you may be detoxing from chemotherapy or recovering from the effects of radiation treatment. Balance Massage’s Oncology Massage therapists are trained to understand the unique requirements, precautions and techniques. We will absolutely honor your body’s healing process and be mindful of your specific needs.