YES! And... is our core service philosophy and gives us opportunities to listen to one another. It is how we give choices, build experiences together, correct issues, thank clients, and make people happy. It serves as the foundation of our business and guides our culture.

yes and

YES! And...

The # 1 rule of improv is “YES! And...” In improv it means you don’t just say “yes” to a person you’re in a scene with, but it means you heighten that scene by adding something to it. At Balance, our goal isn’t to just provide great service but to heighten it, add something to the experience, and build lasting relationships.

most important person

Most Important Person

Everyone is someone's most important person in the world. Our most important people are our teammates, our clients, our neighbors, and everyone else who calls us or sets foot into our studio. Every day we have the ability to make a positive impact on people's lives.


Super Power of Thank You

"Thank you" are two of the most powerful words we can say, and saying them can change the course of a conversation. "Thank you" makes someone feel appreciated and can increase everyone's energy level. Our culture prides itself on how often and how sincerely we thank one another every day.