New Client Information Form



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If it’s your first time visiting Balance, we’ll ask you to complete our New Client Information Form. You’ll be asked to provide your medical, health, and contact information. We’ll also want to know how you found Balance, that you agree to our policies, and that we have your consent to perform massage therapy.


If you are a minor or are bringing in an underage dependent for massage therapy, we’ll need a legal guardian’s signature on the New Client Information Form to indicate consent.
We also have COVID screening questions that we'll review with you during the booking process and a COVID intake and liability form you'll fill out at each session during the pandemic.
For more information, please look over the form or give us a call at 734.660.5919.


Our expert therapists will work directly with any needs or concerns you are having.  They will create the massage session that allows you to experience the most relief and relaxation.

Your voice matters!  Please share with them any information you'd like them to know.  Ask any questions you may have at the start, during, or after your massage.

We have muscular system body maps in our rooms to help the therapists share with you information on how your muscles work and how massage impacts them.